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Second Language Route

Year One

Group of students chat in the School grounds

In Year One, second-language students follow a specialised second-language route (the same for single and joint-honours students) where they are taught separately from first-language students. All classes are taught through the medium of Welsh. In order to develop the students’ confidence to use Welsh and to establish Welsh as the natural language with which to communicate in class with peers, additional opportunities to use the language are provided at the beginning of the Autumn semester. The School also makes use of the latest computer software to give added support to second-language students. Furthermore, during the Spring semester all second-language students are given work-experience placements in local Welsh-medium primary schools. Each student also receives additional support in the form of a Personal Development Strategy.

During the first weeks of the Autumn semester, all first-year students, both first- and second-language, are given the opportunity to get to know each other better. The emphasis during these events is not on learning, but on socialising through the medium of Welsh, appreciating the culture and, most of all, having fun!

Year 2 and Final Year

In Year 2 and the Final Year, first and second language students are taught together on most modules. However, in Year Two there are specialised language modules for second language students, together with additional support in the form of a Personal Development Strategy.