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Part-time Single Honours in Welsh

Arts and Social Sciences library

Full-time students are expected to gain 120 credits during each academic year, but part-time students gain between 40 and 80 credits each year. Part-time students normally take two years to complete Year One of a full-time scheme (by gaining 40 credits during Year One, and 80 in Year Two, or 60 credits in each year). They will therefore take between 3 and 6 years to gain the 240 credits needed in order to be awarded a BA Honours degree.

It is important to point out that the School of Welsh offers a part-time degree and not an external degree. The provision is no different to that for full-time students (e.g. classes are not held in the evenings or on Saturdays). Part-time students follow exactly the same modules and timetable as full-time students, and both cohorts are taught together. The only major difference is the length of the scheme.

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