The BA Welsh is an innovative degree programme which is relevant to contemporary Wales.

Two routes are offered, one for students who have studied Welsh as a first language, and one for students who have studied Welsh as a second language. In the first year these cohorts are taught separately before coming together for some modules in year two.

We cultivate three key features in our graduates: firstly, a thorough understanding (academically and practically) of the Welsh language, its literature and culture; secondly, first rate linguistic skills, written and oral; and thirdly, creative and employability skills that will be of value when developing a career in an increasingly competitive jobs market. 

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Several generous scholarships are available for undergraduates who want to join us.

In addition to the single honours programme, there are a variety of joint honours programmes available with Welsh, and the provision is increasing.

"I am thrilled to be studying in the capital. It a fantastic location to live in which offers a great opportunity to socialise in Welsh."

Mared Harries