Sabbatical Scheme

The Sabbatical Scheme for Welsh language training offers language courses for primary and secondary school teachers, teaching assistants and lecturers.

The aim of the courses, which are funded by the Welsh Government, is to increase the supply of practitioners who can teach through the medium of Welsh or bilingually as well as offering continued specialist professional development in the field of education.

These courses are free and the Welsh Government covers the supply costs as well as travel expenses.

Courses are offered at several language levels and at locations across Wales. The School of Welsh offers sabbatical courses at entry, foundation and higher levels.

Which course is right for me?


This course is targeted at teaching assistants who teach in English language primary schools and who have a little knowledge of the Welsh language.  It is an intensive course which is taught at the University over 5 weeks. 


This course is for primary school teachers who teach in the English language sector. The aim of the course is to develop teachers who can speak and understand the Welsh language and increase confidence to use the language in a variety of contexts. It is an intensive course which is taught at the University across 11 weeks. 


The higher courses are designed for teachers and teaching assistants who teach in the Welsh medium sector as well as lecturers who are fluent Welsh speakers (first language or learner) and who wish to build up their confidence when using the Welsh language in a professional context.

Welsh Sabbatical