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Lee Raye


Lee Raye
Position: PhD student Email:
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Location: John Percival Building


2007-2011 - M.A. (hons) University of Aberdeen 2011-2012 - M.St. University of Oxford 2012-2015 Ph.D. Cardiff University

The Forgotten Beasts in Medieval British Literature

My PhD project is: ‘The Forgotten Beasts in Medieval British Literature’. This involves a new eco-sensitive analysis of medieval sources describing the lynx (L. lynx), crane (G. grus), beaver (C. fiber) and whale (E. glacialis, E. robustus) in English, Latin and Welsh literature. My aim is to extract useful ecological information from these accounts. Key research questions include how these species were seen by medieval writers and when and why they became extinct.

I am due to finish the PhD next year and am looking for a new project.

Supervisors: Dr Dylan Foster Evans and Professor Sioned Davies


  • ‘The early extinction date of the beaver (Castor fiber) in Britain’, Journal of Historical Biology, (2014).

  •  ‘Evidence for the use of whale-baleen products in medieval Powys, Wales’, Medieval Animal Data Network, (2014).

  • ‘The Lion in Insular British Artwork, A.D. 650-1000’, Journal for Late Antique Religion and Culture, vol.7, (2013).

  • ‘Was Arthur once a Raven?’, Old Cornwall, vol.14, (2012).

    Public Engagement

    Some of my research on animals and plants in medieval literature is now being disseminated via the Natural History blog. You can follow me on Twitter @NaturalHistoryL.