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Dr Jeremy Evas


Jeremy Evas
Position: Lecturer Email:
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 75594
Fax: -
Extension: 75594
Location: John Percival Building

Research Interests

After completing his PhD, Barriers to Bilingualism, at the School of Welsh in 1999, Dr Evas was appointed as an official at the Welsh Language Board, where he established the Research, Grants and Language Technology Unit in 2003, working with companies such as Microsoft and Google to localise software into Welsh. As Director of Policy and Terminology, he was responsible for the Board's corporate policy and planning, as well as standardisation of terminology and placenames, data and research, grants and projects and language technology. He was Director of Strategy of the Welsh Language Commissioner at its inception and joined the School of Welsh , Cardiff University in September 2012.

He was appointed Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2014.

His main interests are language policy and planning, with a special emphasis on:

  • Comparative language policy
  • Language technology, translation and translation technology
  • Second language acquisition (especially in adults)

Teaching Profile

BA in Welsh: First Language First Year Group

CY1745 Diwylliant y Gymraeg (The Culture of the Welsh Language) (Coordinator)

BA in Welsh: Second and Final Year

CY3805 Technoleg Iaith mewn Oes Ddigidol (Language Technology in a Digital Age) (Coordinator)

CY2282 Cynllunio Ieithyddol a Pholisi Iaith (Language Planning and Policy) (Coordinator)

CY3705 Cyfieithu Proffesiynol (Professional Translation) (Contributor)

CY1733 Wales and the Welsh Language (Colgate) (Contributor)

CY3900 Blas ar Ymchwil (A Taste of Research) (Contributor)

CY3905 Ymchwilio Uwch (Advanced Research)(Contributor)

MA in Welsh and Celtic Studies (Contributor)

MA in School of Modern Languages

MLT076 Translation Methods and Skills (Contributor)

Additional Roles

  • Director of Postgraduate Research
  • Chair of Cardiff branch of Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol



Postgraduate Students

Gwennan Higham: 'Teaching Welsh to Ethnic Minorities; Platform to a Multicultural Citizenship'

Dinah Jones (Rhan-amser  - Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol) (Jointly with the School of Journalism)

How does minority language journalism successfully navigate the change to a digital world?

Gwenno Griffith (Llawn-amser  - Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol)

Changing Linguistic Behaviour: Increasing the numbers of people using computer interfaces in minority languages