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Cardiff Water Research Consortium: CwrC


Born out of growing global interest in the fundamental importance of water, the Cardiff Water Research Consortium is a multi-disciplinary alliance that focuses on all aspects of the environmental significance, social context and security of this critical resource.

Our aspiration is that Consortium will integrate expertise from the natural, social, environmental, engineering and health sciences to offer multi-faceted approaches and solutions to the complex problems that revolve around water and its sustainable management.

Building on existing strengths in freshwater, estuarine, coastal and marine environments, the Consortium recognises the importance of multiple drivers for action.  Examples include water resources; food security; flood risk; energy generation; climate change; biodiversity protection; ecosystem services; water-borne disease; urban and rural development; and the historic water environment.

Proposed Organisation

CwrC will have flat, light-touch management in which thematic groups offer opportunity for inter- and intra-group collaboration, dissemination and training.  We envisage a central steering group (chaired jointly by Professor Roger Falconer and Professor Steve Ormerod) and an external advisory group intended to strengthen links with a broader community of funding bodies, industry, key users and stakeholders.

Key activities will revolve around periodic group meetings, workshop sessions to stimulate actions among groups, and ad-hoc activities focussed on opportunities for action. Several thematic groups have already been proposed around the themes of:

  1. Flood risk management
  2. Hydraulics and hydromorphology
  3. Water Quality and treatment
  4. Organisms and ecosystems
  5. Marine and coastal management
  6. Sustainability and public policy
  7. Epidemiology and health
  8. Water Security
  9. Hydropower and renewable energy

S J Ormerod and R A Falconer; April 2010