About us

The Water Research Institute has been set up to address 'the grand challenge of water' – a set of large, complex and proliferating problems which can only be solved by integrated, innovative and transdisciplinary research.

Water is critical to life, the environment and the economy. Its misuse and growing scarcity are one of the world's greatest threats as the management of water supply and demand struggles to keep pace with developing needs. 

Additionally, there are existing and growing tensions between conflicting uses of water for people, food production, industry, waste disposal, energy, ecosystems and leisure. Through our research we aim to empower governments, businesses and communities to resolve these issues by developing efficient, equitable systems for water use and management, built on resilient ecosystem services.

"In the next 30 years, over four billion people will have insufficient water for food production, while over one billion people will live in cities that incur perennial water shortage. Our aim is to become an international leader at the frontier of water research for life, environment and economy – turning our individual excellence into leadership, innovation and integrated solutions for these water-centric problems.”

Dr Isabelle Durance, Reader & Director of the Water Research Institute

We will do this by building on existing research excellence from across the University.  With our researchers already leading the way in cutting-edge fields such as water ecosystem services, smart water technologies and catalytic water treatments, our Research Institute will provide them an interdisciplinary and collaborative angle to their research. 

We want to make a real difference – and to do this we build on our strong partnerships with major water stakeholders: governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations and regulators based in Wales, but also in Europe and across the world.