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UniGov Seminars

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Cardiff hosts a small number of meetings (“UniGov Seminars”) each year involving senior academics from Welsh Higher Education Institutions and Senior Civil Servants from Welsh Government.  These seminars have been successfully running since 2006 and are hosted by the Vice-Chancellor and the Permanent Secretary of the Welsh Government. The seminars typically discuss topical areas of mutual interest where academic research has clear relevance for areas of policy interest to the Welsh Government.  With around five or six held each academic year, a range of topics are covered including health policy, public service reform, the creative industries, sustainability, and constitutional matters to name but a few.


2013/14 seminars:

  • September 2013 'Energy from the Ground'



Previous Seminars



  1. Does Wales need city regions to deliver improved prosperity?
  2. High Performance Computing in Wales
  3. Welsh Space: Stars in Space Exploration



  1. Sustainable Places Research Institute (Cardiff University)
  2. European Cancer Stem Cell Research institute (Cardiff University)
  3. Cardiff Rare Books collection (Cardiff University)
  4. Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute (Cardiff University)
  5. Anatomy of economic inequality in Wales
  6. The Future of STEM in Wales
  7. The Wales Creative Economy: intellectual property and digital opportunities



  1. Operational research and health Policy
  2. Organisational change and improving service delivery
  3. WISERD and the restructuring of knowledge and analytical services in WAG
  4. Unhappiness and wellbeing: Psychosocial, economic and cultural factors influencing health, illness and wellbeing
  5. Carbon capture and storage: feasibility and affordability
  6. Ageing and science
  7. Refection on the general election



  1. The Future of the Media
  2. Mental Health
  3. Community Safety and Lessons for Public Service Reform
  4. Attracting big Events: economic and environmental implications
  5. Implications of global warming: Barrages and flooding in Wales
  6. The long road from Laboratory to Commercialisation: the case for drugs



  1. Waste and Resource Management
  2. Health Informatics
  3. Developing the Rural Economy
  4. Poverty and Deprivation in Wales: the Data and the Policy Response
  5. Skills: Shifting Employment Patterns, Future Needs and How to Address Them
  6. Creative Industries: a Priority for Investment
  7. Small Country Governance:
  8. Constitutional Futures for Wales



  1. The Built Environment
  2. Energy
  3. Transport
  4. Natural Environment
  5. The Economy of Wales
  6. Nanotechnology
  7. Genetics