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(Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism Studentships

The research undertaken by the President’s Research Scholarship students will explore the ways in which ‘multiculturalism’ was a cultural construct of particular historical circumstances and how the dangers of national dissolution on the one hand, and of discrimination against minorities on the other, may be confronted by its re-construction. Research will thereby contribute to public understanding, theory and policy formation, and creative production in areas, for example, of:

The programme will train future researchers and academics with a varied set of intellectual tools for analysing cultural phenomena and the realities of contemporary Welsh, British and international cultures within a perspective of constant ‘re-constructing’.

Researchers will be prepared for academic careers, to which, in addition to their specialist knowledge, they will bring the intellectual and methodological synergies of the multidisciplinary environment, and add to human capital in a broad range of public-facing professions in which an active and constructive attitude to multicultural phenomena are an essential component.

The application deadline for the current round of funding is Friday 1 March 2013.

Doctoral Activities

Involving attention to potentially a broad range of discourses, artifacts and cultural practices and display, both historical and contemporary, doctoral projects will entail the development of skills of analysis across different semiotic and textual modes, and will develop understanding not only of a plurality of cultures, but also of languages, media, legal and political systems; faith and linguistic communities; and epistemologies.

Students working on different projects within the research area will benefit from a range of approaches to cultural, legal, historical and religious phenomena in addition to skills of literary, archival, documental, and linguistic analysis, theoretical reflection, and where appropriate, quantitative and ethnographic methodologies.

This will enable the (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism project to build capacity and encourage dialogue between the various disciplines in the Humanities concerned with issues of diversity, identity and questions of social cohesion and to strengthen bridges with the Social Sciences.  For details information about the (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism Project as a whole, please click here.

Research environment

Cardiff’s PGR research environment in the Humanities is based on the collaborative cross-School structures of the University Graduate College. The excellent supervisory record and systems of support in the Humanities at Cardiff were recognised by the AHRC in its award of the AHRC Block Grant Partnership (BGP) in 2008, and were explicit in the positive comments made by assessors regarding the planning process, evidence of ‘a strong and distinctive interdisciplinarity’ and ‘a very high level of coherence and consistency in the proposal’. They also commented on ‘a very high level of research environment and training across the subjects’.

During the period of the Research Scholarships (2010-15) the following activities will be organised:

Supervisors and research interests

Applicants will be able to draw on a large body of expertise, including focus on Wales, on interactions between the local and the global, and on a broad range of relevant geographic areas/relations and historical periods, essential to the comparatistic and reflective dimensions of (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism.

Applicants are asked to indicate their preferred School on their application form. They are also asked to nominate a supervisor from that School but due to the interdisciplinary nature of the theme, they may be allocated a co-supervisor from a different School if their application is successful.

Eligibility and award value

The student profile sought is high-calibre, independent thinking and innovative graduates with cross-disciplinary interests and ambitions.

Home/EU and non-EU overseas students are eligible to apply.

For 2013-14, there will be two ‘full’ awards (covering fees AND stipend).

How to apply

The application deadline for the current round of funding is Friday 1 March 2013.

Before applying for a President’s Research Scholarship for (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism, prospective students must submit a standard application for PhD study at Cardiff University.  All applications for admission to research programmes must be submitted direct to the University, either using the University’s online admissions service, here or by submitting a paper application form which can be downloaded from the University’s webpages here.

Applicants must also complete an application form for the President’s Scholarship:

(Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism Application Form (English)

(Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism Application Form (Welsh)

Guidance notes for applicants are available here:

(Re)- Constructing Multiculturalism Guidance Notes (English)

(Re)- Constructing Multiculturalism Guidance Notes (Welsh)

Further general information for prospective students is available here.

General queries about the (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism scholarships can be directed to the Project Contact (Rebecca Green, or 02920 879406).