Current research programmes

Our current research programmes.


Sustainable rural-urban communities

Many fundamental aspects of sustainable Place-making, including the development of more sustainable systems of transport, food production and distribution, energy and waste management, and housing provision, depend on where and how people live.


Co-evolving, interactive systems

This programme explores the relationship between system properties and sustainability across different temporal and spatial scales. It looks at the ways in which Place-based systems maintain themselves or are subject to change under a variety of stressors.


Health, infrastructure and well-being

Place is important for population physical and mental health, well-being and inequalities.


Food, land and security

Redefining the 'new food equation' this programme is working on developing new thinking about 'Place-based food interactions' that take whole system interactions into account, starting with biodiversity and moving through the arena of production and consumption.

Power station

Risk, place, identity and sustainability

Risk is increasingly central to a variety of academic disciplines and spheres of public and industrial life – it is perhaps the principal lens through which scientists, industrialists, policy-makers, and publics characterise and debate sustainability issues ranging from climate change to biodiversity loss.


Cities and sustainable places

This programme provides an independent hub to help address specific urban issues and concerns. It also offers cross cutting research opportunities to connect with work on future cities in terms sustainable place making. The programme incorporates the activities being carried out across various integrating themes at Sustainable Places Research Institute.