The following projects are run by researchers within the Sustainable Places Research Institute:

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Canal and River Trust

In partnership with the Canal and River Trust the Sustainable Places Research Institute is investigating the public benefits of inland waterways in England and Wales.



Find out about our research into the structure, function and resilience of seagrass meadows, within a linked social ecological system and the food security support they provide.

3d network analysis of the South Wales Valleys


Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA) is a standard method for analysing spatial networks led by Dr Crispin Cooper.

citizen science

Place-based approaches to Environmental Education

The Place-based approaches to Environmental Education project explores the impact of efforts to nurture environmental learning within experiential contexts.



SUSPLACE is a Marie Curie Actions Initial Training Network funded by the European Commission, to train Early Stage Researchers (ESR) in innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to study Sustainable Place-shaping practices.


Resilience to Earthquake-induced landslide risk in China

A new NERC-funded collaboration will further our understanding of how communities recover from landslides associated with large earthquakes.

Kuala Lumpur

Systems thinking and place-based methods for healthier Malaysian cities

This project joins partners with expertise in systems and place-based methods, urban planning and public health to examine urban health in Malaysia.


All Around Us: The Pontypool Deep Place Study

Deep Place is a holistic approach to sustainable place-making. It is grounded in an empirical concern with how to achieve more economically, socially, environmentally and culturally sustainable places and communities.