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Current issue

09 August 2017 PLACE e-bulletin

Exploring Leicesters waterways, Brexit's impact on food, Development, security and the oceans, A post Brexit food and rural policy for Wales, Hierarchies of knowledge, Land2Coast, Catch up on our events.

Previous issues

13 July 2017 PLACE e-bulletin

Ser Cymru Fellowship, Green Impact, Food Certification, Hierarchies of knowledge, Land2Coast, World Oceans Day, Catch up on our events.

7 June 2017 PLACE e-bulletin

Food certifications, development, security and the oceans, changing places, public lectures, blog, events.

4 May 2017 PLACE e-bulletin

Keynote lecture, sustainable urban development, citizen scientists, distinguished visiting fellowship, deforestation, saving sea cows, blog, events, vacancies.

6 April 2017 PLACE e-bulletin

Saving sea cows, support for climate change in Europe, green infrastructure, black rhinos, events, vacancies, conferences.

8 March 2017 PLACE e-bulletin

Green infrastructure, coastal development, black rhinos, rural urban relations, events, vacancies.

2 February 2017 PLACE e-bulletin

British Academy sustainable development awards, place branding, rural urban relations, events.

7 December 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

British Academy Award, Pontypool Deep Place Study, ecological restoration, social innovation, blog, events.

7 November 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

New hope for global marine conservation, dirty. drowning. dodgy people, blog, events.

14 October 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

The value of outdoor learning, meet the team, academic exchange, Brexit, our places, events.

1 September 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

Mountain chicken on the edge, mapping the urban bee garden, meet the team, nature conservation in action, our places, events.

7 July 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

Food policy, mapping the urban bee garden, how ecologically friendly can a festival be?, meet the team, European perceptions of climate change, blog, events.

9 June 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

Ecological restoration, SUSPLACE, healthy cities, IPBES, Myanmar.

14 April 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

Deer to the islands, UK-Ireland planning research conference, blog, workshop on environmental governance, vacancies, events.

18 March 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

Shaping the communities of the future, saving our seagrass, election hustings, blog, visiting fellow, vacancies, events.

18 February 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

Saving the banana, sustainability week 2016, BARC, it takes two to tango, vacancies, events, blog.

14 January 2016 PLACE e-bulletin

Urban air pollution, visiting research scholar, vacancies, PLACE seminar series, events

21 December 2015 PLACE e-bulletin

New collaboration to study after effects of major earthquakes, beyond the Paris agreement, Electric cars: here to stay?, Syria & Sustainability, Honorary Distinguished Professor, Vacancies, Events

20 November 2015 PLACE e-bulletin

Communicating flood risk in a changing climate, justice and the city, the review of designated landscapes in Wales, river levels online, Cardiff Professors' to offer expert advice on the Welsh Government’s food policy, upcoming events, vacancies and opportunities

29 October 2015 PLACE e-bulletin

Review of designated landscapes report, ISBW call for sponsorship, New Research Associate, Flood risk and Climate Change webinar, new blog post on what makes a sustainable place, DURESS event and exhibition, Seminar series, Seachange event and Research Associate Vacancy.

15 October 2015 PLACE e-bulletin

New Sustainable Places video, climgen group, new paper, big data and sDNA, new blog post, new PhD student, DURESS exhibition, seachange event, energy transitions conference.

01 October 2015 PLACE e-bulletin

New Sustainable Development Book, TRANSMANGO, Seagrass, DURESS, Job vacancies and events.

17 September 2015 PLACE e-bulletin

Seagrass research in Sri Lanka, Ser conference, new seagrass paper, new science trail blog, DURESS exhibition, events - seminar series, future generations act consultation, energy transitions conference, ISBW12 and SUSPLACE Programme vacancies.

20 August 2015 PLACE e-bulletin

Research Seminar Series 2015/16, shipping emissions, DURESS, ESRS keynote speech, European Congress of Mammalogy, New blog post, CCCW survey, Welsh Government Consultation and SUSPLACE vacancies.