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Post a Pledge

Footprint shape made out of grass

Join your colleagues in pledging to make at least one change in your daily routine to live and/or work more sustainably and minimise your impact on the planet.

You are invited to be as creative as you wish with your pledge and by sending us your Sustainability Week Pledge you are supporting us in becoming a more sustainable University.

Send us your Pledge

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Need some inspiration?

I pledge to:



Read one media article or watch a TV documentary every week on the issues of sustainability

Find out who my Eco Champion is at University and get involved

Develop an informed opinion on the energy debate (eg. is nuclear the sustainable answer?). Read about the options and take action to ensure government policy considers your view

Make sure my children grow up thinking about issues of sustainability



Turn lights off at the end of each day rather than leave them on standby

Turn my computer monitor off when not in use

Print my documents double-sided where I can

Use electronic meeting notes

Not print documents unless I really have to

Take the stairs rather than the lift

Use video-conferencing where possible

Wear an extra jumper rather than use portable heaters during the winter

Cut down (or even turn off) air conditioning where I can

Install energy-saving light bulbs at home

Wash my laundry at 30°C rather than 40°C

Choose energy “A” rated white goods

Turn my thermostat down

Install loft and wall insulation

Make sure my hot water cylinder is well insulated

If I am too warm, turn the heating down rather than opening a window



Boil only as much water as I need

Fit a water-saving device in my toilet

Fix leaking taps – it only takes a new washer

Try not to run the tap the whole time when I clean my teeth

Water my garden early morning or evening to reduce the amount of water lost by the heat of the sun

Get a water butt to collect rainwater for my garden

Sweep paths, patios and driveways instead of hosing them down

Use a bucket and sponge to wash my car instead of a hosepipe

Use a watering can, not a hose, when watering my plants



Compost or separate and recycle my waste wherever I can

Buy products with the least amount of packaging

Buy products made from recycled materials

Take or use my own bags when shopping (and keep my bag in my handbag or bookbag ready for action)

Use the recycling bins in my office

Use a mug rather than disposable cups

Press for better recycling facilities where they are lacking



Use public transport, or walk between campuses rather than taking taxis or using the car

Walk to my local shop if I can

Instead of flying abroad, look at local holiday destinations or perhaps travel to Europe by train

Trade one internal (UK) flight with train travel

Share lifts with friends, neighbours or colleagues

Choose a fuel-efficient car

Save petrol and emissions by turning off my car engine when waiting

Walk or cycle more

Use public transport instead of private transport whenever I can

Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Buy more seasonal produce

Think about the total impact of food consumption, not just food miles

Cut down the amount of meat in my diet

Grow my own vegetables

Buy more produce from local suppliers / market gardens

Buy more Fair Trade and certified goods



Volunteer at a local community project

Make an effort to get to know my neighbours (especially those who could do with a helping hand now and again)

Take action today. Make a pledge to support a more sustainable future.

Pledges already received