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How you can help - at leisure

There are steps we can all take at work or at leisure to reduce our carbon emissions.

The following illustrates some of the steps we can take at leisure:


  1. Turn off appliances at the power switch rather than leaving them on standby
  2. Boil only as much water as you need
  3. Install energy saving light bulbs
  4. Wash your laundry at 30°C rather than 40°C
  5. Choose energy “A” rated white goods


  1. Turn your thermostat down
  2. Install loft and wall insulation
  3. Make sure your hot water cylinder is well insulated
  4. If you are too warm, turn the heating down rather than opening a window. Open windows and use a fan if necessary rather than using air conditioning


  1. Compost or separate and recycle your waste wherever you can
  2. Buy products with the least amount of packaging
  3. Buy products made from recycled materials
  4. Reuse carrier bags or buy fabric ones that last
  5. Take your own bags when shopping


  1. Fit a water saving device in your toilet
  2. Fix leaking taps – it only takes a new washer
  3. Try not to run the tap the whole time when you clean your teeth
  4. Water your garden early morning or evening as this reduces the amount of water lost by the heat of the sun.
  5. Get a water butt to collect rain water for your garden
  6. Sweep paths, patios and driveways instead of hosing them down
  7. Use a bucket and sponge to wash your car instead of a hosepipe
  8. Use a watering can, not a hose, when watering your plants


  1. Buy locally produced food – it has not travelled as far to get to the shop which means it will be fresher too
  2. Walk to your local shop if you can
  3. Instead of flying abroad, look at local holiday destinations or perhaps travel to Europe by train
  4. Share lifts with friends, neighbours or colleagues. Choose a fuel efficient car
  5. Save petrol and emissions by turning off your car engine when waiting
  6. Walk or cycle
  7. Use public transport instead of private transport whenever you can

More ideas

There are more ideas for reducing your carbon footprint at

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