Support for care leavers

We have a generous support package for students who are either in care, or who have left care. This package has been designed for care leavers whose permanent residence is in the United Kingdom.

Confident Futures Project

This project is available to Looked after Children and care leavers aged 14+. Young people who join the project will have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis with current university students who act as mentors. Young people will take part in:

  • university taster days
  • workshops to support studies and applications for college / university / jobs
  • social nights (such as film or game nights)
  • group trips (previous trips have included the theatre, bowling and Winter Wonderland).

Those who join the project will also be invited to attend University events such as GCSE / A-level revision workshops and advice sessions to support Personal Education Plans.

Confident Futures Summer School

The Confident Futures Summer School is a two-day event aimed at giving young people in care the chance to experience student life in a safe and supported environment. The Summer School includes an overnight stay in halls of residence, where young people are paired with university students to take part in everyday student activities including:

  • shopping for food and cooking dinner in student flats
  • student life taster sessions (previous years have included circus skills and student media)
  • orientation around the campus and the city
  • subject taster sessions (previous sessions have included healthcare and the science of chocolate making).

For further information on the Confident Futures Project and Summer School, please Scott McKenzie at:

Confident Futures Project

Returning to study after a break?

For anyone who has already left school or college, but is thinking about returning to learning, gathering the right information and feeling confident about each decision along the way is important.

For further information, please contact us.