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The Welsh Government has also announced that EU students applying for a place at Welsh universities in 2018/19 will be eligible for tuition fee support. Please see the Welsh Government announcement for further information.

If you are from a country within the EU and studying towards your first degree at Cardiff University, you will not have to pay your tuition fees upfront (subject to terms and conditions).

For students studying in 2017/2018 a tuition fee grant of £4,954 from the Welsh Government will be available (subject to terms and conditions).

A repayable tuition fee loan of £4,046 will also be available (subject to terms and conditions) which you only start to pay back when you have finished your studies and are earning more than £21,000 pa.

EU nationals who are currently in receipt of tuition fee support and EU nationals who intend to begin studying in 2017/18 will continue to receive financial support towards tuition fees. For these students, the terms of their funding will not change even if the UK leaves the EU during their studies.

Find out more about funding for EU students in 2017/18 from the Welsh Government.

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