EU applicant information

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Cardiff University is an international community that values the students and staff that come to study and work here from around the world.

We have 7,000 EU and international students and 6,800 staff from 78 countries. Our alumni reach across 180 countries. This diversity fosters creativity and innovation and is an important part of our culture.

Applicants for 2018 entry onwards

Prospective EU students applying for a place for the 2018/19 academic year will be eligible to apply for financial support to meet the cost of their tuition fees.

Those students will not have the terms of their funding changed if the UK leaves the EU during their studies.

Find out more about the financial support guarantee for EU students applying for 2018/19.

Please contact us with any questions using

Applicants for 2017 entry

EU nationals who intend to begin studying from autumn 2017 will continue to pay the same fees as UK students and will be eligible to apply for loans and grants to fund their studies for the full duration of their course.

Find out more about the student funding support guarantee for EU students applying for 2017/18.

There is no reason to assume any change in your immigration status following the EU referendum. We will be issuing further advice and guidance as soon as it is available. In the meantime please feel free to contact us with any questions using

UK residence requirements for EEA and Swiss nationals

EEA and Swiss nationals are entitled to enter the UK freely and have an automatic right of residence for up to three months. After this time, to remain in the UK you must exercise your Treaty right to reside. Exercising Treaty rights involves doing one of the five following activities:

You are not required to apply for any document confirming your residency status, but you may want to do so in order to evidence your rights or for your own peace of mind.

Should you wish to do so, you can apply for a Registration Certificate or, if you meet the requirements, Permanent Residence. Family members of EEA nationals exercising Treaty rights may also be eligible to reside in the UK.

Further information regarding the full requirements and the process can be found on the Home Office webpages and through UK Council for International Student Affairs. Our International Student Support team are also able to assist EEA and Swiss students and their families.

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