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Law (LLB)

UCAS code: M100

Study Law at Cardiff and gain hands on experience of Law in the real world.

Full-Time M100

Music (BA)

UCAS code: W300

Our undergraduate programmes allow you to specialise and develop your own musical interests

Full-Time W300

Welsh (BA)

UCAS code: Q560

Our BA in Welsh is a socially-relevant programme which is taught by one of the foremost schools of its kind.

Full-Time Q560

French (BA)

UCAS code: R100

This course aims to allow students to develop a high level of proficiency in their chosen language(s) as well as a comprehensive understanding of cultures that shape them.

Full-Time R100

German (BA)

UCAS code: R200

German is the native language of nearly one hundred million people. To speak German is to be part of a crucially important political, economic and cultural world

Full-Time R200

History (BA)

UCAS code: V100

History at Cardiff is an exciting, cutting edge degree that teaches you to become an independent learner and researcher under the guidance of our approachable academic staff.

Full-Time V100

Italian (BA)

UCAS code: R300

Italy possesses one of the major cultural, artistic and historical traditions in Europe. Italy has played a unique role in the development of fine art, architecture, film and music.

Full-Time R300

Music (BMus)

UCAS code: W302

Our undergraduate programmes allow you to specialise and develop your own musical interests

Full-Time W302

Spanish (BA)

UCAS code: R400

As a Spanish student at Cardiff University, you will be taught by staff who are actively involved in research in a wide range of topics relating to Spain and Latin America.

Full-Time R400

Geology (BSc)

UCAS code: F600

The evolution of the Earth and the life it supports is a key subject of human enquiry.

Full-Time F600

Physics (BSc)

UCAS code: F300

The BSc Physics degree is designed to give you a broad physics education and, in addition, supply you with a wide range of mathematical and computational skills.

Full-Time F300

Chemistry (BSc)

UCAS code: F100

Chemistry is a fundamental and exciting discipline, and one that plays a significant role in many areas of science and in everyday life.

Full-Time F100

Education (BSc)

UCAS code: 8G46

Education is an exciting social science subject increasingly being presented as a principal means of fostering economic growth, social cohesion and personal well-being.

Full-Time 8G46

Geology (MESci)

UCAS code: F601

The four year MESci course at Cardiff involves hypothesis testing, critical analysis and problem solving whilst learning about the process and outcomes of research.

Full-Time F601

Optometry (BSc)

UCAS code: B510

Our three-year Optometry BSc will give you the scientific and clinical knowledge you need to graduate as a pre-registration optometrist and enter your final training under the supervision of a practising optometrist.

Full-Time B510

Philosophy (BA)

UCAS code: V500

As a student in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy at Cardiff you will be taught by leading researchers in Philosophy.

Full-Time V500

Physics (MPhys)

UCAS code: F303

The MPhys in Physics at Cardiff enables you to explore the subject in greater depth than is possible on a three-year course.

Full-Time F303

Sociology (BSc)

UCAS code: 8H46

Study our Sociology BSc and you will be pursuing one of the oldest and most prestigious social science disciplines in one of the UK's largest and most successful centres of social science.

Full-Time 8H46

Accounting (BSc)

UCAS code: N400

Students are invariably attracted to the diverse and rewarding career opportunities that are opened up to those who gain good accountancy qualifications.

Full-Time N400

Archaeology (BA)

UCAS code: F400

Our Archaeology degree schemes are noted for their geographical and chronological breadth and the range of student choice they offer.

Full-Time F400