Policies & procedures

If you are applying to Cardiff University, the following policies and procedures are relevant to you.

Entry 2017 – school curriculum reform

Qualifications in both England and Wales are changing, affecting GCSEs, A-level and the Welsh Baccalaureate. These changes may affect our entry requirements. Find out more about UK qualification reform.


We welcome applications from all students with the potential to succeed at this University. We are seeking to admit students whose potential to benefit from our research-led learning and teaching can be demonstrated through a range of qualifications and achievements. Find out more about admissions and acceptance criteria.

Qualification acceptance

Applications from those offering alternative qualifications are welcome, as are those who may have combinations of qualifications or other relevant work/life experience. Get more information about qualifications.

Feedback to unsuccessful applicants

We aim to provide unsuccessful applicants with the opportunity to receive appropriate feedback about their applications. Applicants may request feedback about the initial selection decision communicated to them by the University. Learn more about provision of feedback.