Healthcare Sciences

Undergraduate programmes available for online application in the School of Healthcare Sciences are listed together with possible start dates.

To proceed with your application:

  • identify the programme you wish to apply for
  • decide whether you would like to study on a full time or part time basis
  • select your preferred start date.
Programme nameMode of studyStart date
BSc Community Health Nursing Practice (Overseas) (Distance Learning)Full-time 21-Aug-2016
BSc Community PracticeFull-time 12-Sep-2016
 Full-time 11-Sep-2017
BSc Intra and Perioperative Practice (15 months)Full-time 15-May-2017
BSc Intra and Perioperative Practice (Anaesthesia)Full-time 15-May-2017
BSc Nursing Practice (Overseas) (Distance Learning)Full-time 28-May-2017
BSc Nursing Practice (Overseas) (Distance Learning)Full-time 09-Oct-2016
BSc Nursing Studies (Overseas) (November Start)Full-time 13-Nov-2016
 Full-time 12-Nov-2017
Non Degree Return to Practice (April Start)Part-time 12-Apr-2016
 Part-time 11-Apr-2017
BSc in Clinical Practice (To gain 120 credits)Part-time 08-Sep-2016
 Part-time 08-Sep-2017
BSc in Clinical Practice (To gain 240 credits)Part-time 08-Sep-2016
 Part-time 08-Sep-2017
BSc Community PracticePart-time 12-Sep-2016
 Part-time 11-Sep-2017
BSc Intra and Perioperative PracticePart-time 12-Sep-2016
 Part-time 17-Sep-2017
Graduate Diploma in Clinical Practice (To gain 120 credits)Part-time 12-Sep-2016
 Part-time 11-Sep-2017
BSc Stand Alone Module (degree level) (September Start)Part-time 12-Sep-2016
 Part-time 11-Sep-2017
BSc Stand Alone Module (degree level) (January Start)Part-time 25-Jan-2016
 Part-time 23-Jan-2017
Non Degree Return to PracticePart-time 05-Sep-2016
 Part-time 04-Sep-2017

If you have difficulty locating the programme you want to apply for please check the name of the programme in undergraduate course finder using the undergraduate prospectus.

You can also contact the Admissions Team by: