The gut microbiota continuum - what does it mean for the host?

The large intestine contains a wide array of microbes.

When we profile many stool samples we see that all healthy individuals can be placed on a continuum where they are either predominantly colonised by members of the phylum Firmicutes or Bacteroidetes. However, we do not understand what this means for gut health, the functions in the gut or for the host’s health.

This project will explore and measure basic parameters of three groups of individuals which fall at the extremes of this continuum and in the middle. We will use a variety of omic approaches to characterise the functions, proteome and metabonome, in these difference groups of people.

This is a self-funded project. Students will be required to source funding for tuition and bench fees, as well as living costs.


Professor Julian Marchesi

Professor Julian R Marchesi

Professor of Human Microbiome Research at Cardiff University and Reader in Digestive Health at Imperial College London

+44 (0)29 2087 4188

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