Quantum dot lasers as sources for optoelectronic integration on Silicon

This research project is available as part of the EPSRC Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Doctoral Training Partnership. Four studentships will be awarded to the best applicants.

Very recently, high-performance Si-based InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot lasers have been demonstrated with CW operation at high temperature (>75 0C) and long lifetimes (>100,000 hours).

Here we will develop our world leading III-V-on-Si technology to create high performance lasers and semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) for datacommunications applications. The principal objectives are to optimise gain per unit length (for high frequency) and to increase operation temperature to the required 125 0C maximum, while maintaining low current CW operation at 20mW optical output power.

The project will focus on design innovations to determine whether such performance is possible, with epitaxial growth by project partners, and characterisation to explore and prove the physical behaviour leading to the achieved performance.

The student will work closely with other researchers in the EPSRC Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub under the supervision of Prof. Peter Smowton.

The EPSRC Manufacturing Hub in Future Compound Semiconductors will work closely with the Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) – a partnership between Cardiff and global advanced semiconductor wafer manufacturer IQE.

Candidates are expected to have a strong background and interest in Optics/Photonics and Semiconductor Physics.


Peter Smowton

Professor Peter M Smowton

Deputy Head of School and Director of Research

+44 (0)29 2087 5997

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