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School of Medicine

We have a long-standing record of world-class research and educational innovation.

Integrative Neuroscience PhD Full-time
Medicine PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Stem Cell Neurobiology (MRes) MRes Full-time
Cancer and Genetics PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Infection and Immunity PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Population Medicine PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Alzheimer’s disease: Understanding the interaction of microglia risk genes
Characterising DNA damage repair in Huntington’s disease
Control of adaptive immunity in health and inflammation by human blood and mucosal gamma/delta T cells
Detecting dysfunction in the single-cell gene networks underlying Parkinson’s disease
Enhancing immune stimulation for novel anti-cancer viral vaccine vectors
Flexible vectors for immunotherapy against cancer and pathogens
Identifying the cell-type specific gene networks operating within the Substantia nigra and their dysfunctions across neurological disease
Integration of genetic and functional data to identify drug targets and enhance risk prediction
Investigating peroxisome dysregulation in Alzheimer’s disease
Investigating the childhood neurodevelopmental origins of adult mental illness
Machine Learning for Prediction in Alzheimer's Disease: Identifying Novel Biologically Valid Diagnostic Categories to Inform Precision Medicine
Microglial NFAT signalling and Alzheimer’s disease genetic risk networks
Molecular mechanisms of CRISPR Cas9 nickase-induced CAG/CTG repeat contraction: Implications for gene editing in expanded repeat disorders
Optimizing adult mental health outcomes in children with neurodevelopmental problems: interplay of social and genetic factors
Role of a mouse ortholog of CR1 (crry) in the 3xTG model of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
School experiences in children at high genetic risk of mental health problems
Studying human neuropsychiatric disease in DLG2 deficient human neurons
Targeting LAG3+ T cells for Cancer Immunotherapy
The molecular basis of cognitive flexibility


Award Deadline
PhD in Medicine: Investigating the interplay of maternal obesity and Neuro-immune interactions in neuropsychiatric disorders: a developmental approach 20 March 2019
KESS2 East PhD in Medicine: Supporting fathers in the antenatal period and early childhood years 29 March 2019
PhD in Dementia Research 31 March 2019
PhD in Medicine: Studying the genetic and environmental risk factors for Huntington’s Disease 1 April 2019
Wellcome Trust funded GW4 Clinical Academic Training PhD Programme (GW4-CAT) - Medical, Veterinary and Dental Graduates 1 April 2019
PhD in Dementia Research 8 April 2019
KESS2 East PhD in Medicine: Use of technological platforms to enhance phenotypic understanding in primary dystonia 1 May 2019
KESS2 East PhD in Medicine: Understanding the relationship between HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, sexually transmitted infections, and antimicrobial resistance in Wales (UNREST) 1 May 2019
KESS2 East PhD in Medicine: Exploring a genetically targeted therapeutic approach for adenomatous polyposis syndromes in 3D organoid cell models 1 May 2019