School of Medicine

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Integrative Neuroscience PhD Full-time
Medicine PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Cancer and Genetics PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Infection and Immunity PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Population Medicine PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time
An In Vitro Human Cell Assay to Investigate the Effects of Psychiatric Risk Gene CACNA1C Dosage on Neuronal Network Activity
Complement Interactions with microglia and neurones as a therapeutic target in dementia
De-risking Prader-Willi Syndrome Drug Development through Preclinical Screening
Exploiting Health Informatics for Stratification across the Mood-psychosis Spectrum
In Vivo Modelling of Human Microglial Alterations Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease Polygenic Risk
Innate immune recognition of needle-like structures from bacterial pathogens
Integrated Stem Cell Cytometer for Cancer Detection and Tissue Repair
Integration of Genetic and Functional Data to Identify Drug Targets and Enhance Risk Prediction
Integrative multi-omic study of progression to Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
MicroRNA regulation of kidney macrophage function in diabetic kidney disease
Mining Genomic and other -omics Data for Druggable Targets in Schizophrenia
Motor Problems in Children with Chromosomal Conditions Associated with High Rates of Neurodevelopmental Disorder
Role of tissue-resident monocytes (Mtr) in would healing
Sparse Support Vector Machine for Stratification of Schizophrenia: Identifying Novel Biologically Valid Diagnostic Categories to Inform Precision Medicine
Stem Cell Exosomes: Initiating tissue repair and regeneration in diverse disease settings
Studying human neuropsychiatric disease in DLG2 deficient human neurons
Understanding how ABI3 Contributes to the Aetiology of Alzheimer’s Disease