School of Engineering

A highly rated School with a vibrant research culture, covering all the major engineering disciplines.


Award Deadline
PhD in Chemistry: Development of New Microwave Technology for Investigation of Radicals in Catalytic Pathways 31 July 2018
PhD in Engineering: Optimal expansion planning of integrated energy networks under uncertainty 31 August 2018
PhD in Engineering: Development of combined lixiviant and passive metal capture systems for industrial waste valorisation 31 August 2018
KESS2 PhD in Engineering: Investigating Advanced Measurements and Modelling of Semiconductor Devices 14 September 2018
PhD in Engineering: Optimisation for novel structural-material configuration 30 September 2018
PhD in Engineering: Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration in Unstructured Environments 2 July 2019
PhD in Engineering: Quantitative evaluation of creativity using computational semantics 2 July 2019