School of Engineering

A highly rated School with a vibrant research culture, covering all the major engineering disciplines.

Engineering PhD, MPhil, EngD Full-time, Part-time
Engineering: Energy and Environment PhD, MPhil, EngD Full-time, Part-time
Engineering: Health, Technology and the Digital World PhD, MPhil, EngD Full-time, Part-time
Engineering: Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing PhD, MPhil, EngD Full-time, Part-time
Advanced Materials and Computational Mechanics
Ammonia-methane power generation for CO₂ mitigation in steelwork processes
Bio-geotechnical engineering of natural and engineered slopes using biofilm
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical smart fabric wearable devices
Development of Graphene/ceramic composites with damage self-monitoring capabilities
Development of lattice Boltzmann method on modelling nearshore waves and sediment transport
Energy harvesting and novel power supplies for body sensor networks and implantable devices
Enhancing the predictability and reliability of mechanical machining on the nanoscale via a novel modelling approach
Geo-environmental Engineering
Intelligent remote monitoring of knee implants
Mechanical Forces Due to Lightning Strikes to Aircraft
Micro and nano scale statistical properties of randomly rough engineering surfaces and their tribological properties
Micro-pitting failure of gear tooth surfaces – the influence of running-in and residual stress
Modelling infiltration and runoff erosion of hydrophobic soils
Numerical Modelling of Turbulent Interfacial Flows and Fluid-Structure Interaction
Periodic composite metamaterials for vibroacoustic insulation
Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for photocatalysis
The development and manufacture of mini-vascular networks to provide biomimetic multi scale damage immunity for construction materials
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Safe and Effective Brain Stimulation Tool
Ultrasonic guided wave-based structural health monitoring of composites under uncertainty


Award Deadline
NERC GW4 Doctoral Training Partnership PhD projects in the School of Engineering 7 January 2018
EPSRC Water Informatics: Science and Engineering CDT (WISE) 31 January 2018
KESS2 PhD in Engineering: Proton Beam Therapy 31 March 2018
PhD in Engineering: Developing Radiomics as an Imaging Biomarker in High Grade Glioma 31 March 2018
PhD in Engineering: Optimisation for novel structural-material configuration 30 September 2018