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School of Physics and Astronomy

Studying with us offers you the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of the way the universe works.

Physics and Astronomy PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Astronomy and Astrophysics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Astronomy Instrumentation PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Condensed Matter and Photonics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Gravitational Physics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
3D Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials
A high repetition rate semiconductor quantum dot light source (for the UK National Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub)
A multi-scale computational model of brain blood flow: Enhancing MRI for assessing brain health
Controlled coherent coupling of single quantum dots in photonic crystal cavity networks
Development of a nanostructured heating element to explore high temperature materials physics
Energy harvesting for autonomous systems
III-V on Silicon Devices and Systems for Next Generation Optical Interconnects
Infrared Thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cell for power generation and energy harvesting
Magnetic nanostructures for low cost, low energy data storage and sensor applications
Novel nanocavities in wide bandgap semiconductors for quantum optical devices
Optical decoherence and coherent coupling of excitons in quantum dots embedded in photonic cavities
Quantum coherence and carrier dynamics in colloidal nanostructures from dots to 1D and 2D materials
Quantum dynamics of frustrated spin systems
Quantum dynamics of frustrated spin systems studied with high frequency susceptibility
Statistical characterisation of brain tissue microstructure with diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
Superconducting diamond as a bridge to the quantum mechanical world
Template assisted III-V epitaxy enabling quantum dot lasers on silicon
Towards a clinical MEG system: theoretical and practical insights into the use of optically pumped magnetometers
Tunable THz laser source