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PhD in Computational Chemistry

This PhD will focus on determining the relation between catalysts structure, its environment and catalytic performance in processes.

31 August 2017

EPSRC NPIF PhD in Engineering

We are offering nine fully-funded four-year PhD EPSRC NPIF studentships for the 2017/18 academic year.

8 September 2017

KESS2 PhD in Engineering: Advanced Engineering and Materials (Semiconductor Devices)

PhD project investigating advanced measurements and modelling of semiconductor devices.

15 September 2017

PhD in Engineering: BIM data streaming for infrastructure asset management

Standardised BIM data streaming towards real time proactive decision support for infrastructure asset management.

31 August 2017

PhD in Engineering: Optimisation for novel structural-material configuration

This PhD project will develop a numerical optimization method for novel design of structures and/or materials.

30 August 2017

PhD in Chemistry: Development of heterogeneous catalytic processes for C-X bond formation

The project will entail a wide range of methods, including material preparation and modification, catalytic testing, analytical studies and in situ spectroscopic research.

1 September 2017

EPSRC PhD in Physics and Astronomy: Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing

These ESPRC funded PhD projects will explore group III-V CS electronic and optoelectronic device design and characterisation with systems applications in diverse areas.

25 August 2017

KESS PhD in Physics and Psychology: Computational physics and brain modelling

Construction of predictive models of white matter anisotropy from standard structural imaging.

1 September 2017

PhD in Engineering: Mini-vascular networks for construction material damage immunity

The development and manufacture of mini-vascular networks to provide damage immunity for construction materials

31 August 2017

PhD in Chemistry: Intensification of heterogeneous catalysts during liquid phase operation

This PhD will focus on the study of deactivation processes experienced by heterogeneous catalysts during liquid phase operation.

1 September 2017