Impact of Alternative Energies

International summer school 2019

Developing sources of energy to meet the demands of the future is one of the foremost challenges facing engineering.

Climate change, the global consumption of energy and the use of fossil fuels to provide us with heat, power and transportation are all engineering challenges which need addressing now and in the future. It is clear that solutions to these long-term problems ­will involve ensuring the best use of resources and developing new more sustainable ways to produce and use energy.

New trends on the horizon of energy use provide technical challenges that not only impact the way we produce energy, but also on the manner engineers must approach maintenance programs.

Our Impacts of Alternative Energies Summer School gives you a comprehensive overview of the key themes and theories around developing alternative energy technologies and how these technologies impact the systems needed for their implementation.

This Summer School provides you the opportunity to develop your understanding of several different types of alternative energy sources (i.e. wind, marine, hydrogen) of which the outputs are suitable for conversion into electrical and thermal power energy. We will also provide you with a comprehensive background on the corrosion impacts that these technologies present across equipment required for their deployment.

You will practice a range of skills as part of this Summer School, including working effectively in a small group environment and solving problems using an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. You will also learn from internationally recognised specialists through lectures, hand-to-the-job laboratories and group presentations, thus giving you the confidence to pursue specialisation in the development, implementation and management of various alternative energies.

Preliminary schedule

Please note, this itinerary is not final and is subject to change.

Saturday 20 July 2019Arrival in Cardiff (Pick up from Heathrow provided)
Sunday 21 July 2019Social event
Monday 22 July 2019Welcome lecture and orientation scavenger hunt
Tuesday 23 July 2019Induction (Induction to engineering, health and safety, tour through engineering)

Fuel principles
Wednesday 24 July 2019Corrosion lecture (combustion systems)

Industrial seminar

Combustion Principles lecture
Thursday 25 July 2019Corrosion labs and lecture (gas turbine systems)

Industrial trip
Friday 26 July 2019Academic skills and mentoring

Presentation skills (English)
Saturday 27 July 2019Field trip and free time
Sunday 28 July 2019Field trip and free time
Monday 29 July 2019Corrosion lecture (hydrogen)

Combustion labs and lecture (hydrogen and ammonia blends)
Tuesday 30 July 2019Industrial visit
Wednesday 31 July 2019Corrosion lecture (marine energy)

Marine energy labs and lecture
Thursday 1 August 2019Combustion laboratory (alternative fuels, fuel injection, control systems, advanced measurement techniques)

Final project preparation
Friday 2 August 2019Final assessment

Gala Ceremony
Saturday 3 August 2019Departure day (drop off to Heathrow provided)

Guest lecturer - Dr Alec Groysman

We are excited to have Dr Alec Groysman involved in this year's Summer School. Dr Groysman will be delivering lecturers and laboratory sessions on topics including combustion systems, gas turbine systems, hydrogen and marine energy.

Dr Alec Groysman

Dr Alec Groysman

Dr Groysman has more than 30 years’ experience in materials, corrosion, surface treatment, oil and gas, and petrochemical industry, research and teaching of subject of corrosion.


The fee for the Summer School is £1,995.

This includes tuition fees, accommodation, 10 meals per week (breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday), airport pick up and drop off from Heathrow airport on fixed dates (pick up is on 20 July, drop off is 3 August) and excursions organised by Cardiff University (such as Stonehenge and industrial visits).

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