Biomedicine International Summer School

Our Biomedicine International Summer School offers a unique experience in sampling one of the top research-driven biomedical curricula in the UK in the beautiful setting of Cardiff city centre.

The programme will provide you with an introduction to biomedical research and the crucial role it has to play in developing solutions to modern day challenges in global health.

The academic programme will consist of a series of lectures and workshops delivered by lecturers and professors who are authoritative figures within the fields that they teach. These lectures and workshops will introduce you to numerous topics, which have previously included cancer biology, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, molecular biology of pancreatic disease, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal disease, bioinformatics and the current research activities in these areas in Cardiff.

The Biomedicine International summer school will also incorporate an exciting selection of social events with the aim of introducing participants to contemporary British society and culture. A number of visits to cultural and recreational facilities in the UK will be included in the social programme. The summer school is, therefore, a good opportunity to meet new friends and to build up a rapport with other participants through work and recreational activities.

Preliminary schedule

Please note this is subject to change.

Saturday 21 JulyArrival in Cardiff (Pick up from Heathrow provided)
Sunday 22 JulySocial event/ Welcome dinner
Monday 23 JulyWelcome talk and introduction to the programme

Lectures: Cardiovascular disease & Air pollution and lung disease

English Language/British Culture workshop
Tuesday 24 JulyLectures: Microscopy, antibodies and wound repair
Wednesday 25 JulyLectures: Stem cells and neuroscience 

Workshop:  2nd generation DNA sequencing
Thursday 26 JulyLectures: Cancer biology

Oral anatomy workshop
Friday 27 JulyVisit to the National Botanical Garden of Wales
Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 JulySocial event
Monday 30 JulyBioinformatics workshop

English Language/British Culture workshop
Tuesday 31 JulyLecture: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, acute pancreatitis, wound healing

Practical workshop
Wednesday 1 AugustPractical workshop

Social event
Thursday 2 AugustPractical workshop

Scientific communication workshop
Friday 3 AugustResearch experience

Reflection, course feedback and evaluation

Final Gala Ceremony


The fee for the summer school is £1,790

This includes tuition fees, accommodation, 10 meals per week (breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday), airport pick up and drop off from Heathrow airport on fixed dates (pick up is on 21 July, drop off is 4 August) and excursions organized by Cardiff University.

Contact us

If you have any questions or for more information, please email:

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