How to apply

You can apply to study abroad for the whole academic year or for either the Autumn (Fall) or Spring semester.

Entry requirements

We generally require study abroad students to have completed two years of a university or college degree and have a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Both Study Abroad and International Exchange programmes are full-time, students must enrol on a minimum of 60 credits each semester. Please also note that in order to study some modules you may be required to show background knowledge in that subject area. If you have a query about the suitability of your qualifications please contact us.

Our Study Abroad programme is only available to overseas students from countries outside of the EU wishing to study at Cardiff University for either a semester or a full year as part of their full degree elsewhere.

If you are from the EU and are interested in becoming an occasional student, please email our Admissions Office. If you're not from the EU and would like to apply to us for a full degree, please visit our undergraduate pages.

How to apply

Nominations and applications for the Spring 2019 term are now open.

Students applying for an International Exchange from one of our partner institutions will need to be formally nominated by their home university. Application instructions will be sent following the nomination.

Students from non-partner institutions applying for our Study Abroad programme (fee-paying) should email us directly to enquire about making an application.

Application steps

  1. Build your study abroad programme and select your modules from the online module catalogue. You are required to list your provisional module choices by order of preference on your application form and on our module survey. You must select a minimum of 80 credits at the application stage, however we advise selecting as many suitable courses as possible in case of cancellations or timetable clashes.
  2. Upload the required supporting documents
  3. Submit an online application referring to the application guidance notes.
  4. Complete our online module survey

Supporting documents

Supporting documents can be uploaded as part of the online application, or emailed separately to us.


  • Spring 2019 nomination deadline: 1 October 2018
  • Spring 2019 application deadline: 15 October 2018