Fees and living costs

Female student reading a book in Cardiff city centre.

Cardiff is one of the more affordable of the traditional university cities, meaning you will have more to spend exploring the UK and Europe.

Tuition fees for Study Abroad programmes 2016/17

Arts-based subjects 
Full year£13,050
Single semester£6,525
Science-based subjects 
Full year£16,425
Single semester£8,213

If a sponsor is paying your fees

If your home university or study abroad provider is paying your tuition or housing fees, all we require is a letter of confirmation from them so that we can produce and send an invoice.

This letter can be sent or emailed to us and must:

  • be on official headed paper
  • provide confirmation that fees are to be paid on behalf of the student
  • include the student’s name
  • provide full contact details of the invoice recipient
  • be signed by the university or the study abroad provider representative.

Living costs

In addition to your tuition fees, we estimate that a single student living in University accommodation is likely to need an average of £7,841 for a full academic year or £3,921 for one semester.

Students who are on a budget can live on less if they wish to do so. The minimum cost of living as recommended by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for studying outside London is £1,015 per month.

When you become a student at Cardiff University, you get a student card which entitles you to discounts in many shops and restaurants. You can also use it to apply for travel discount cards like a rail card or coach card.

These estimates include accommodation, food, books, clothes, travel, telephone and social expenses.

Our living costs calculator can help you decide what your average living costs would look like based on international student expenditure at Cardiff University.

Some other advantages of coming to Cardiff include:

  • It is a compact city and the University is in the middle – so you won't have far to travel between the University, city centre shops and your accommodation.
  • It is is also very flat, making it easy to walk or cycle around. Many buses and taxis operate in the city and are very reasonably priced.

If you have any questions regarding finance, please contact our Student Support Service.

Comparisons with other universities

The table below compares the cost of living for first-year students at universities. It includes weekly essentials, rent and travel. You can see that Cardiff is one of the more affordable locations – much cheaper than London.

UniversityTotal £
University of Leicester196.47
University of Nottingham207.13
University of Cardiff227.10
University of Southampton228.50
University of Bristol230.99
The University of Edinburgh235.03
University of Liverpool235.40
University of Leeds236.40
University of Plymouth240.78
University of Sheffield243.55
University of Glasgow244.25
University of Kent (Canterbury)247.05
The University of Cambridge247.75
University of Newcastle248.08
University of Warwick (Coventry)255.23
University of Manchester262.48
University of Birmingham289.43
University of Sussex (Brighton)291.95
The University of Oxford310.95

Source: HSBC living cost table - August 2014