We know that where you live is very important to you and that you want to live in a convenient, safe, sociable location that is also a suitable study environment.

University residences

Common Room at Aberdare Hall
Common Room at Aberdare Hall

Settling in and making new friends are important first steps in your new life here with us and living in University residences provides you with an ideal opportunity to meet people from different countries studying a wide range of subjects.

You are guaranteed a single occupancy place in University residences for the full duration of your studies. This is providing you apply through the normal admission and allocation process by 12 August 2016 and re-apply for residences each year through the overseas returners process.

About 70% of our individual study/bedrooms have private bathrooms (called en-suite) and students generally share kitchens. All University residences have access to 24-hour security and are within easy travelling distance of Cathays campus.

We recommend that all first-year students – especially those new to Cardiff and the UK – take advantage of the benefits of living in a University residence.

A choice of residences

As an International Foundation Programme student, you will automatically get a choice of three halls of residence and as you progress onto your undergraduate course you can choose from any of our 17 halls of residence or student houses.

Whether residences are catered or self-catered, mixed or female only, the Residences Office has the widest possible range and seeks to meet your preferences as far as is possible.

You have a choice of living in:

Private accommodation

In addition to allocating University residences, the Residences Office also helps students seeking privately-owned accommodation and maintains a regularly updated list of flats and shared houses which are available to rent.

If you are looking for private accommodation, we strongly advise that you visit Cardiff before the start of session.