Cardiff University and the EU

Cardiff University is an international community that values students and staff that come to study and work here from around the world.

We are a friendly university in a welcoming city that has a reputation for openness and tolerance.

We have more than 4,500 international students and 6,800 staff from more than 100 countries. Our alumni reach across 180 countries. This diversity fosters creativity and innovation and is an important part of our culture.

The referendum in which the UK voted by a narrow margin to leave the European Union will not alter this outlook or commitment to our international students and staff.

In practice nothing will change in the immediate future as the UK remains in the EU until a process for exit is agreed and mechanisms are in place to ensure a stable transition.

The UK has a stable democratic system of government and there is nothing in the leave vote which undermines this.

There is no reason to assume any change in the immigration status of current and prospective international students.

We will provide further information as it becomes available.

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Brexit and how it may affect you

Has the UK left the European Union?

On June 23rd the UK held a referendum, and its outcome was a decision that the UK should leave the European Union (EU). However, the UK remains a member of the EU at the current time, and is likely to do so for at least the next two years.  It is not yet known when the UK will leave the EU, but it will only do so following a significant period of negotiation.  Until this point, the UK remains a full member of the EU, and the overall situation is unchanged.

Will UK exit from the EU affect my ability to come to the UK to study?

If you have accepted a place to study at Cardiff in September 2016 there is no change to your visa status or your offer to study at the University. Looking to the future, it is highly unlikely that UK exit from the EU will affect the ability of international students to study in the UK.  At present, international students from outside the EU are classified differently for fees purposes from students from the UK.  It is likely that this will remain the case.  If there were to be changes to the way universities classify students, this would be very unlikely to affect international students.

Will the UK's exit from the EU affect my chances of securing a visa to study in the UK?

Whilst there is always the potential for changes to any country’s immigration system, it is unlikely there would be wide-scale changes to the way the UK student visa system is administered as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

You may be aware of ongoing debates in the UK around immigration. Whilst this is an area of continued discussion in the UK, it is noteworthy that in August 2014, a report by the think tank British Future found that only 22% of the UK public regard international students as immigrants.

At present, it is possible in some circumstances for international students to apply for a visa which allows them to work in the UK when they have completed their studies (this depends upon securing a job with a required salary level, amongst other requirements).  At present there is no indication that this system will be affected, and there is no reason to believe this will be changed at the current time.

Will there be changes to tuition fees for international students?

Whilst international tuition fees may rise in line with inflation and other factors, it is unlikely there would be any significant change to international tuition fees as a direct result of the UK leaving the EU.

It may be that a short-term drop in the value of the pound sterling offers opportunities to effectively reduce the cost of study in the UK through a favourable exchange rate, although of course it is not certain that the pound will remain at a low rate over the coming months.

Will there be changes to admissions policies for international students?

All universities reserve the right to amend admissions policies for all students, including international students, but it does not seem likely that these would change immediately as a result of the UK voting to leave the EU.

All applications to Cardiff University are considered on their own merits, and this position will not change.  Entry requirements for academic programmes are reviewed regularly, but the University does not foresee these changing as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

Will the cost of University Residences or general living expenses increase?

Residences fees at Cardiff University will not rise above the advertised price for students entering the University in 2016/17. As with tuition fees, it is always possible that in future years, Residences costs might increase in line with inflation or related factors, and this is a standard procedure.

It is possible that the UK exit from the EU may lead to a rise in inflation over the coming years, which could potentially lead to an increase in living costs.  However, at present the economic effects are unknown.  It is worth noting that Cardiff remains a very cost-effective place to study, with living costs lower than those of many other major UK cities.

How will my education be affected by the decision?

Academic life carries on as normal and there is no reason to believe that your education will be affected in any way. UK universities are in the process of trying to clarify how the decision will affect their ability to access European Research funding and European Funding to support student mobility but as an international student this is unlikely to have any impact on you.

I have heard that the UK may split? Is this true?

The Scottish Government has stated its intention to ensure Scotland retains access to the European Single Market (a key element of the EU). It may be that the UK decision to leave the EU leads, at some point in future, to a referendum in Scotland on continued membership of the UK. However, it is impossible at present to know how the politics of this will play out, and there is no reason to believe this will happen in the imminent future.

Is Wales affected differently to the rest of the UK?

Wales is a constituent part of the UK and will likely be affected in the same way as other UK nations.  It is unlikely that Wales would seek a referendum on independence from the UK, and on areas such as visa policy and tuition fee policy, Wales’s situation is likely to remain the same as that of the UK.

Does the UK remain stable and secure?

The UK remains a stable and secure country.  Whilst there has been financial market disruption and major political changes in the wake of the referendum decision, there has been no change in the security and stability of the UK. Life carries on as normal and will continue to do so. There are mechanisms in place to ensure that the UK has a stable transition from the EU.

My course involves a period of study in the EU. Will it still be possible to undertake this study?

Any arrangements for study in the EU for students starting in the academic year 16/17 will remain in place.  It is also unlikely this would change in future.  Under the present visa system, international students studying in the UK need to apply for a ‘Schengen visa’ to study / travel in the wider EU.  There is no reason to believe this situation would change when the UK leaves the EU.  This is also likely to be the case for international students who wish to travel in the EU for leisure purposes.

It may be that the arrangements made by University academic schools with partners in the EU to enable study opportunities could be affected in future by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, although this is by no means certain, and at present the situation remains unchanged.  Please contact your academic school if you have any concerns with regard to this.

I am a Cardiff University applicant or offer-holder - do I need to worry about my place at University?

No.  There has been no change to the status of any current international applicants or offer holders as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Is the UK still open to international students?

Yes. The UK and Cardiff remains a welcoming, friendly study destination, and this has not changed.  UK communities are diverse, tolerant and open, and the UK will continue to offer a warm welcome to international students.  Cardiff University is a highly internationalised and global institution, and the University will continue to welcome staff and students from across the world.

Will finance and funding opportunities be affected?

The extent to which finance/funding opportunities are affected by the UK leaving the EU is still unknown.  There is a possibility that funding provided by EU bodies or organisations might be affected. However, Cardiff University is likely to continue offering generous scholarship opportunities to international applicants, and it is likely that other external funding bodies will continue to provide opportunities.