The private sector listings on this page are password protected. You must be a current student to access the documents online. Prospective students should email to request a list, quoting your name and student number.

Which list should I get?

The lists are produced according to the number of places available/type of property. To access a list please click one of the following:

General notes

Neither the University nor anyone on its behalf:

  • has inspected the properties listed herein or
  • will accept any responsibility or liability howsoever arising from any loss or damage sustained by anyone who takes up residence in any of them or for the accuracy of information given about any of them or
  • controls or manages or shall control or manage any of the properties or is or shall at any time be the agent of the landlord in relation to any of them.

Gas and Electrical Safety Certificates are current at the time of printing.

Things to remember

  • There is plenty of private sector accommodation available – don’t rush.
  • Average rent for a single room in a shared house is approx £55-£65 per week.
  • Budget for utilities eg gas, electric, water, unless your tenancy agreement states that these are included.
  • Cathays and Roath are popular areas with students.
  • Check the property has adequate security ie window and door locks, and also that sufficient fire precautions have been considered.
  • Confirm what facilities are available in the property, including whether you require a permit if parking is available.
  • If all residents within a dwelling are full time students you should be exempt from paying Council Tax.
  • If a landlord has rented the property listed but offers you another property, check with your accommodation services to establish whether any safety certificates such as gas and electric have been presented for this property. Houses you are offered that are not on the list have not given evidence of appropriate safety certificates and are potentially unsuitable.