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Student-Staff Panel Terms of reference

Terms of Reference for Student-Staff Panels (SSPs)

Schools may wish to consider adopting some of the following common core areas of discussion within their terms of reference:

(i)      Consideration of any proposed significant changes to programmes and assessment of the School’s overall portfolio of programmes.

(ii)      Consideration of issues raised by students and/or the School relating to:

For undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes:

For postgraduate research courses:

For all levels of study:


(iii)       Where appropriate, consideration of issues arising from Students’ Union College Forums as fed back by School Chairs.

(iv)       Agreement of actions to be taken in relation to the above issues, and the provision of feedback and updates resulting from actions taken at previous meetings.

2.       Any item which cannot be addressed directly by the SSP should be forwarded to the appropriate committee within the School for further consideration (or, in particular cases, the appropriate pathway identified for consideration at University level and Students’ Union).

3.       SSPs should not discuss individual staff members, individual students or personal complaints and grievances. The School should signpost students to the appropriate mechanisms for dealing with these issues.


4.       As a guide, SSP membership should include one Student Academic Representative per year per programme It is recognised that where a School offers a large number of related programmes or has a large number of Joint Honours students it may not be feasible to have representatives appointed across all individual programmes. In these cases, it is at the School’s own discretion to determine adequate representation of these students.. Staff members of SSPs should represent a range of functions (e.g. Programme Leaders; School Quality Assurance leads; staff with responsibility for library and IT facilities).

5.       Schools are encouraged to ensure that membership of SSPs allows for full and diverse representation across the student body.  This may involve taking pro-active measures, for example, by co-opting additional members onto the panel.

6.       Membership of SSPs should include postgraduate taught students unless there is a separate SSP dedicated to this group.  Similarly, schools must ensure that appropriate mechanisms are in place for postgraduate research students to be represented, through membership of SSPs and/or other consultative channels.