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A guide to key parts of the Rep system

Please find out about areas of the Student Academic Rep system by clicking on the drop-down menus below:

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What is a Rep?

Student Academic Reps are the voice on your course. They feedback and positive or negative issues you may have about your academic experience at Cardiff to a range of different meetings. They are also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to other issues you may be having at University and should be able to signpost you to a range of services the University and Union have to support you.

What is a Student-Staff Panel?

Student-Staff Panels (SSPs) provide a formal channel for students to meet with staff and to discuss issues related to their educational experience. They also provide an opportunity for the School to consult with students and receive feedback on new proposals.

Each School has at least one SSP. Schools sometimes hold several separate SSPs as appropriate to their needs. Ideally each School should have individual SSPs for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

SSPs meet at least once per semester and are scheduled at times which do not coincide with other School meetings or teaching commitments. The annual schedule of meetings should be circulated to all School staff and students at the start of the academic session.

When a programme is delivered entirely by distance learning, or involves significant placement periods, an appropriate mode of discussion (e.g. through the use of online discussion boards) is established.

Case Study: Pharmacy SSP

Last year I was appointed as Chairperson of the Pharmacy SSP; although I had previous experience of the organisation as a student rep in my 2nd year of university, this was the first time I had taken a position of responsibility and accountability for a team – an exciting but daunting prospect! Luckily, I receive fantastic enthusiasm and encouragement from the student reps and staff members who sit on the panel, which has not only highlighted the importance of the SSP organisation to the Student Voice, but also the value of a strong and dedicated support network.

We discuss a variety of issues on the Pharmacy SSP, ranging from “housekeeping” matters relating to the Redwood building facilities, to comments offered by students regarding specific lectures or modules. As a panel we actively encourage students to bring forward their positive feedback too, as it proves useful for staff to know which teaching methods students find most helpful to their learning and overall university experience.

Without a doubt the most rewarding part of the past year was receiving the award for “SSP of the Year” at the 2013 Enriching Student Life Awards, which recognised the hard work and commitment of the panel as a whole not just for the academic session 2012/13, but the efforts of those who built the foundations to provide the outstanding reputation Pharmacy SSP has university-wide. I am very proud to betaking on the role as Chairperson once more during my final year and hope to continue the work that we carry out in support of the Student Voice

Sheatha Latif, Chair of Pharmaceutical Undergraduate SSP Panel 2012-2013

What is a Chair?

School Chairs are appointed from within their Student-Staff Panel to chair the meetings and help to develop the link with the Students’ Union through membership of the Union’s College Forums. To find out more on the responsibilities of a School Chair, click here.

What is a Secretary?

School Secretaries can be either a staff member or a student, depending on the preference of the School. It’s their role to help form an agenda, make note of those absent or unable to attend the meeting and make notes during the meeting. Further information on the responsibilities of a Secretary can be found here.

What is the Education Exec?

The Education Exec work closely with Ollie Wannel (your VP Education) and helps him with educational campaigns, running the College Forums and attending various University meetings. They also help with promoting student surveys and will be the first point of contact when we need student opinions on educational issues. To find out who your Education Exec are, click here.

What is a College Forum?

Membership of the Students’ Union College Forums comprises of the School Chairs appointed within each Student-Staff Panel. These forums, which meet three times a year, enables the Students’ Union to identify any cross-School issues within a College or wider student experience issues being highlighted by School Chairs and to raise these issues at a higher level within the University. The Student Voice Officer will take responsibility for inviting School Chairs to these meetings. To find out when these meetings are taking place, click here.