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What have reps achieved in the past?

Student Academic Reps have made a number of changes to your degrees or courses over the past couple of years. Here are a few case studies from current representatives.

Anish Kundu – School of Biomedical Sciences

“Getting involved in large lecture shout-outs, staff organisation, and year communication (emails) I managed to not only develop a whole range of skills but enable students to have a great platform to raise any problems, issues of comments that they may have.

We have also ventured into new areas including the set-up of many “Shadow-Modules” and a lot of change of aspects of the course which has resulted in a total change in the first year course from next year. The shadow-module has proven to be actively used by over 300 students where they share resources, ask questions and we have also had lectures join. This has also been used as an aspect to promote the university at a conference which a lecturer attended at Cambridge and I was also asked to help with this set-up for next year. I feel that under my supervision, organisation and contribution I have managed to lead a team to achieve a lot in terms of student satisfaction, change and have really shown how students can actively participate in their learning as partners in practice.”

Hannah Purdy – School of European Languages, Translation and Politics.

“Along with another Student Academic Rep, I am trying to set up and run a new “Buddy” scheme, where the 2nd years buddy the 1st years and the 4th Years buddy the 2nd years to help them prepare for their Year abroad. I am also passionate to create a Fresher’s Handbook for EUROP to erase the initial stresses and worries.  I’ve loved my role and really hope I get the opportunity again next year.”

Ian Morris – School of History, Archaeology and Religion

“I managed to get the long running SHARE tradition of weighting exams and assignments at 60% to 40% respectively overturned. The students voiced various complaints about the system so I got a general level of discontent through lecture ‘shouts’ and then paper confirmation of this. I then compiled the response and took it to the Panel and then the Open Board of Studies, arguing that the system favoured students which excel in examinations and disadvantaged students who prefer paper assignments and coursework. It took a little persuasion of the individual module conveners until there was enough support to alter the standard weighting, but it succeeded and the weighting was altered to 50:50. This means that all students have the same chance to excel irrelevant of which type of assessment they prefer, thus enhancing the student experience by allowing all students to succeed fairly.”

Kaylie Behan – School of Healthcare Sciences 

“As a first year academic rep, I’ve represented my cohort through the new course structure, by ensuring all concerns my cohort has had about the course were addressed/answered during the student-staff panel meeting. I fed back all information discussed to my cohort by constructing a minute for meeting. I’ve attended a student reps lunch meeting where I contributed towards the ideas of improving courses’ societies. Prior to the student-staff panel I attended a forum meeting as a committee member of the Welsh Health Student Forum (WHSF). Here I met with the Minister of Health and Social Services to ask 5 questions healthcare students in Wales thought of to improve student’s current practice and future opportunities. During the WHSF meeting, the Student Voice Officer of Cardiff University highlighted the importance of being a student rep; we did group discussions about ways to improve the communication cycle with our cohort to allow them to share their views confidentially. This then led me to meet with the Student Experience Coordinator to discuss about putting up a box on the wall for healthcare students to have the opportunity to post any feelings/ thoughts they have about their course, Lecturers or placement anonymously.’”

Simon Ingham – English, Communication and Philosophy

“I have relayed communications between students and staff successfully and have managed to bring about changes regarding the high cost of printing of A2 posters that need to be designed and produced as part of our course – ENCAP are to part fund the costs.”