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How do I become a rep?

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Beth, Social Sciences – what happened when I became a rep


Reps are elected at the beginning of the first term and will then represent you for the rest of the year.  The Student Rep Co-ordinator (a member of staff in your School) will organise the elections which will take place either during class time or electronically. For more information please see our page: When are Reps Elected?

If you want to become a rep you will be asked to write or speak about why you want to volunteer for the position.  People stand for lots of different reasons, you might want to change something specific  in your School, want to gain transferable skills or you might just know lots of people and think you would be good at it, but whatever the reason make sure you have thought about it.

If you’re elected by your peers to become a rep your key responsibilities will be to collect the views of the students on your course, to give them to your School at Student-Staff Panels and then to feedback to the students about what actions have been taken as a result (further information is available on the Role and Responsibilities page). 

Page last updated: 26 July 2013