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How can family or friends apply for a visa to visit you in the UK

The immigration rules state that a visitor:

  • can stay in the UK for no longer than 6 months within a 12 month period;
  • must have enough money to pay for accommodation, living expenses and their return journey;
  • must not work whist in the UK.

How can members of my family apply for a visa to visit me in the UK?

Family members of Tier 4 students should apply using the VAF1B application form

Your family member should refer to the VAF guidance notes, which are available form the same website when completing the application form.

Your family member should select their country on the UKBA country finder website to find out:

  • How to apply in their country;
  • The location of visa application centres;
  • How long it takes to process visa applications;
  • How documents will be returned.

What documents should my family member prepare?

Your family member should check the supporting document checklist at the back of the application form for a full list of the documents they will need to provide when applying for their visa. As a guide they should include with their application:

  •  Passport;
  • 1 passport photograph that meets UKBA requirements;
  • The visa fee of £80 in local currency;
  • Unless single, evidence of marital status e.g. marriage certificate;
  • Evidence that they have enough money to pay for their accommodation, living expenses during their stay and also for their return journey e.g. bank statements. If you intend to support them financially during their visit then they will need to show evidence from you, e.g. your bank statements, to prove that you have enough money;
  • Evidence that they intend to leave the UK at the end of their visit, e.g. a letter from their school/ university/ employer;
  • Planned itinerary, including details of any flights/hotel bookings (if applicable).

A photocopy of each document in addition to the original should be submitted.

What documents can I provide to support their application?

You should provide the following documents to support their application:

  • A personal letter of invitation. On the right hand side of this page you will find a template invitation letter which you can use;
  • A copy of your own passport personal details page and a copy of your current UK visa either in the form of a sticker in your passport or a Biometric Residence Permit;
  • A student status letter. This can be requested either by contacting Registry or via your SIMS on-line account


How can my friends apply for a visa to visit me in the UK?

If you have friends who want to visit you in the UK then they should apply as a General Visitor using the VAF1A application form. All of the information they will need on how to make their application is available here.