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Large financial problems

If you have a large shortfall in your funding then finding a solution will be difficult. However, here are some options you could consider:

Negotiate with the Finance Department

  • If you have paid some of your tuition fees and you think that you need more time to pay off the remainder, it may be possible to set up a payment plan to pay off the debt over a period of time. It is always best to contact the Finance Department to let them know that you are having financial difficulties because if you have a fee debt and do nothing this will eventually result in you being de-registered from the University. This would have serious implications on your immigration status. More information is available here.

Take an interruption of studies 

  • If the problem is likely to be long-term and you are not in your final year and a large amount of money is needed (for example to pay your tuition fees), then realistically there is not much that can be done to help. The only option may be to take an interruption of study which you would need to have authorised by your academic school. Please note: taking an interruption of study will mean that you are no longer a registered student and the University is required to report this to the Home Office (formerly UK Border Agency). Once you have been reported you would normally be expected to leave the UK as soon as possible. If you are considering this option then you are strongly advised to discuss your situation with International Student Support.

Apply for a grant through the University

Apply for grants from private Trusts and Charities

  • There are also some private trusts and charities that deal with student hardship, but they can usually only offer small amounts of money and most will only consider applications from students in the final months of study.
  •  A list of private trusts and charities that we know are currently accepting applications and we feel are most relevant to Cardiff University's international students is available. Please note that this list is not definitive.


Useful websites

  • Family Action: Specialises in educational charitable trust funds and maintains an on-line database of all Trusts and Charities that assist students.
  • The British Council: Links to useful advice and information on funding.
  • Cardiff University: Information on scholarships and funding through Cardiff University. Please note that this information is aimed at pre-entry students.

Useful Publications

  • The Educational Grants Directory: This reference book can be loaned from the Student Support Centre
  • Other publications that are available from large libraries include:
    • The Grants Register
    • Directory of Grant Making Trusts
    • A Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need
    • Money to Study