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Where to get further information and advice

Before taking any final decisions about your future you should discuss all of the options that might be available to you.

Immigration issues: If you have any questions about the immigration implications of making a change to your studies, arrange an appointment with an International Student Adviser.

Academic issues: If you are having difficulties with the academic content of your course then discuss your situation with your personal tutor or your academic school office.

Financial issues: If you are having financial problems discuss your situation with the Finance Department or an International Student Adviser

Career issues: If you’re not sure whether you’ve chosen the right course and want to reconsider career options then you can talk this over with one of our Careers Advisers.

Personal issues: You may find it helpful to talk over difficult issues with a Counsellor.

Accommodation issues: If you are having difficulties with your accommodation, you should first discuss this with your Residences Manager (for University accommodation),your landlord, or the Students Union Advice Centre (for privately rented accommodation). 

Health issues: If you have any concerns about your health contact your Doctor as soon as possible.

Faith issues: The University Chaplaincy offers friendship, hospitality and support.