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The following action steps apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Stay calm
  • Follow the most appropriate action response. Explain to the individual what actions you are taking, keep them informed.
  • The situation is critical or urgent and requires immediate response.
  • There is immediate danger to the student or others (i.e. the person is behaving violently, is injured, has made a suicide attempt).
  • Call 999
  • Request an ambulance and/or police.
  • Provide as much relevant information as possible to the operator.
  • Inform University Security (24 hour line) 029 2087 4444 of the current situation and any actions taken.
  • Unsure if there is any immediate crisis, but concerned for the individual's behaviour, mental health or physical wellbeing.
  • Their behaviour is different from previous experiences. Others may be voicing concern.
  • During working hours contact the Mental Health Adviser on 029 20 874 844 or email
  • If out of hours call NHS Direct 0845 4647 or the student's G.P. out of hours service
  • If appropriate during discussions, or at a follow up meeting provide the individual with the Student Support Centre information.
  • Help them to book an appointment with an Adviser (drop-in sessions are available daily).
  • There is no danger to the individual or others, but the person is experiencing personal, work/academic or financial related issues.
  • Listen to the individual's concerns, encourage them to seek professional support and offer practical advice.
  • See useful contact list
  • Provide the student with contact information for the Student Support Centre
  • Encourage the student to attend a drop-in or book an appointment