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22 April 2012

What is Thrive?

Thrive Advert

Thrive encompasses a large body of work currently undertaken by the University’s undergraduate recruitment office and stretching out in support of academic schools across the University.

Thrive’s aim is to re-focus the University’s message to potential undergraduate students.

Its goals and activity are focused on increasing application rates to the University, specifically from high achieving students offering AAB+ grades or equivalent and importantly increasing the conversion rates of those applicants made an offer by Cardiff.

What are Thrive’s key messages?

  • Academic reputation and rigour of the University and each individual school
  • Capital City living and living costs in Cardiff relative to other locations
  • Employability and Through Life value of a Cardiff education
  • Student life experience and Students Union

What has been done?

Work has included the redesign of the University prospectus, and other publications such as parents’ guides and residences guides.

Thrive branding, additional photography work of the University’s new facilities in schools and re-writing of specific segments of information have taken place. The campaign will continue to evolve over future years, and the format and design will be used in new School brochures as and when they are updated by each School.

The University’s undergraduate web-pages are also undergoing a redesign, with new information and a more intuitive search function through currently complex pages. They will also include more media rich content such as accommodation videos, student interviews, and student lifestyle videos.

A scholarship, bursary and fees calculator will be added to the website shortly which will allow students to calculate the university and government financial support that might be available to a student based on their household income.

Our schools and colleges liaison programme has targeted a further 90 schools to help increase applicants to the University. The funding for the additional staffing to manage the increase has been made available as part of the Thrive campaign. 

Thrive imagery and branding has also been introduced to the programme. An additional Visit Day to the University is also scheduled to take place on the 6th July giving applicants an extra opportunity to visit the University and City to view our facilities and speak to academics about the courses they are interested in.

Further information on Thrive is available on the Thrive website at: