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Meet Team Cardiff’s rugby captain

30 April 2012

Meet Team Cardiff - Jake Cooper Wolley

Cardiff students will compete against their Swansea counterparts in more than 20 different sports during the Welsh Varsity event. Blas caught up with 22 year old Jake Cooper-Woolley, captain of the Men’s First Rugby team who will be representing Cardiff in the match at the Millennium Stadium to find out more about him and how he’s preparing for the event.

Blas: What are you studying?

Jake: Human Geography Bsc

Blas: What position do you play on the rugby field?

Jake: Prop

Blas: How often do you train?

Jake: The commitment to the University club is around four sessions and a game per week. It’s a mixture of rugby specific training, weights and fitness. But the majority of our team also play for clubs across south Wales, so have additional commitments as well as a bit of personal weight training.

Blas: How long have you been involved in this sport?

Jake: I started playing rugby at the age of nine for my local club at home, and have played ever since.

Blas: What’s the highlight of your sporting career?

Jake: To be a part of the most successful side the University has ever had within BUCS after doing the double over Swansea University and beating UWIC at their home pitch.

Blas: What does Varsity mean to students?

Jake: Varsity gives students playing sport a chance to pit themselves against their largest rivals in Wales in their respective event or game. I think Varsity also means a lot to students who do not play as it is one of the only occasions were students from all walks of life, societies and clubs can come together and support the University in a fantastic venue.

Blas: What’s the best part about studying at Cardiff?

Jake: Varsity. 100%

Blas: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

Jake: My twin brother went to Swansea University and donned the green and white on Varsity day!

Take a look at some of the other members of Team Cardiff preparing themselves for Welsh Varsity: