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Undergraduate Recruitment

Undergraduate Recruitment (UK and EU) throughout the University is supported by the Undergraduate Recruitment Office.  This works in partnership with admissions tutors to ensure that, each year, Cardiff University is able to meet its academic school undergraduate intake targets with students of the required academic calibre and potential. The Office is also tasked with producing and distributing the University's undergraduate marketing literature.

Information for prospective students: if you are seeking information on undergraduate study at Cardiff University, please visit our undergraduate website for prospective students.

Information for university staff: please see the sections below. 

Undergraduate Recruitment Strategies

Advice and assistance are available to help academic schools improve recruitment to their schemes of study. This includes: analysis of current market position, market share, applicants to schemes, competitors and the formulation of effective recruitment programmes - from stimulating applications to converting offers into firm acceptances. Further information about undergraduate recruitment is available from David Roylance (Tel.75241, e-mail:

UK Recruitment Events and Schools Liaison

An annual programme of attendance at recruitment exhibitions and visits to schools is undertaken in partnership with admissions tutors. This programme is distributed to admissions tutors and updated during the year. The Undergraduate Recruitment Office also actively promotes links with schools and responds positively to invitations to visit schools. Staff wishing to take part in the programme should contact David Roylance (Tel. 75241, email:

Undergraduate Open Day

Held annually in March/April, this event regularly attracts c4,000 prospective students to the University. It relies on co-operation between all academic schools and Divisions. The Open Day provides an opportunity for year 11 and 12 pupils, career advisers, and mature students to see University life as it really is. The Open Day Working Group oversees the event. The Group is composed of various interested parties and representatives. A list of members is available from Carolyn McKenzie (Tel. 74839, e-mail: Further information about Open Day is available from David Roylance (Tel. 75241, e-mail:


Off-the-shelf undergraduate recruitment presentations and advice and assistance in preparing tailored presentations are available. Contact Carolyn McKenzie/Louise Jensen (Tel. 74839, e-mail: /

Schools Database

Updated annually, this database holds postal addresses for all state, grant-maintained and private sector schools with sixth forms and sixth-form colleges throughout Wales and England, by county. In addition, addresses are available for libraries in South Wales, Careers offices in Wales and South-West England and Adult Education Centres in South Wales. Further information is available from Carolyn McKenzie/Louise Jensen (Tel: 74839, email:


All areas of the University receive requests from publishers to update entries in various directories in relation to undergraduate recruitment. The Undergraduate Recruitment Office and the Registry oversee the returns to many directories and consequently hold information on most aspects of the University. This information is available to Schools and further information is available from David Roylance (Tel. 75241, e-mail:

Intake Management Group

This Group, chaired by a Pro Vice-Chancellor, reviews and co-ordinates activity at confirmation with the objective of helping the University and academic schools meet admissions targets with high-calibre candidates. The Group has responsibility for authorising the appearance of schemes in Clearing/ UCAS Extra listings or other associated advertising.


Personnel (staff) recruitment advertising is handled by the Human Resources Division in accordance with established procedures. Advice and support is available to Schools considering placing other advertisements in the media. It is recommended that advice is sought from the Undergraduate Recruitment Office concerning the placement and appearance of advertisements and the real value of "bargain" offers prior to orders being placed with publishers. The Undergraduate Recruitment Office also co-ordinates joint advertising between academic schools and disseminates good practice. Further information is available from David Roylance (Tel. 75241,


The Undergraduate prospectus is produced by the Office working closely with nominated academic school contacts and other administrative divisions. A production timetable for the prospectuses is distributed to undergraduate contributors in September/October and to postgraduate contributors in April. Further information is available from David Roylance (Tel. 75241, email:

Other Literature

The Undergraduate Recruitment Office, in association with other interested parties, produces a wide range of other printed material which support the work of academic schools in recruiting high calibre students. For example: The Residences Guide. Further information on these items along with general advice on all aspects of print production including design, print, use of logos and photography is available from Laura Roberts (Tel. 74053, email:

School Brochures

The prospectus is supported by academic school undergraduate recruitment brochures which are used to assist student recruitment to their schemes of study. These are produced cost effectively and to a high quality standard by the Undergraduate Recruitment Office working closely with nominated school representatives. The Undergraduate Recruitment Office provides a project management service for both production and distribution of materials. Further information is available from Laura Roberts (Tel. 74053, email:

Photographic Library

High quality photographic images are available to academic schools and administrative divisions throughout the University. There is a library of approximately 4,500 transparencies, which typically show students, University buildings, student residences, library and computing facilities, School facilities, views of Cardiff and staff. The images are available either in transparency or electronic format. Further information is available from Carolyn McKenzie/ Louise Jensen (Tel 74839, email: /


The Undergraduate Recruitment Office is responsible for the efficient distribution of several hundred thousand items of recruitment literature to user groups each year. This includes ensuring that prospectuses/brochures are distributed to secondary schools and colleges as well as the management of the operations of the Prospectus Office which handles requests for information received by post, telephone, fax and e-mail. This Office processes more than 95% of requests for information within one working day. See also section on Schools' Database. Further information is available from David Roylance (Tel. 75241, email:


Coursefinder is a searchable database listing all Cardiff University undergraduate degree schemes. This is updated annually in line with the Undergraduate Prospectus, although new entries and amendments can be made at any time. Please contact David Roylance (Tel. 75241, email: