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Safety Whilst Out Jogging

By running or jogging on a regular basis, you'll be fitter and healthier, but don't forget about something as basic as your own personal safety.

Quick tip: It's always nice to listen to some music when jogging, but this limits your awareness of what's going on around you.

If you are setting off in the early morning on your own, through a park or other thinly populated area, wearing headphones and pushing yourself to the limit - you could be putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

To make sure you stay safe you should plan your route/s carefully. Always stick to well lit and well-populated areas where you can be clearly seen. If you are running along roads, ensure you are going towards oncoming traffic to avoid kerb crawlers. It's also important that you don't always use the same route or go at the same time but remember to leave behind details of your route and what time you plan to return.

Lots of people wear headphones when they run, but this is not a good idea. Headphones limit both your hearing and awareness and it is vital that you are always alert to your surroundings and to any potential problems.

Another thing to think about is what to wear and what to take with you. We all have the right to dress as we wish, but be aware that some clothing might attract unwanted attention. If possible carry a personal alarm with you and a mobile phone (but keep it concealed and only use it when you have to).

Don't be tempted to push yourself to your physical limit when out running as you should never get so exhausted that you cannot run away from danger if necessary. Make sure you are looking confident and in control and always act on your instincts - if something looks or feels wrong it probably is.