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Workforce, Education and Innovation



The NHS is facing unprecedented demands to meet the health needs of the population of Wales. Research undertaken in this theme covers helps to provide evidence about current, as well as new, ways of working to meet complex health care demands.  These complexities and challenges were described by Welsh Government in Together for Health in 2011. Workforce, education and innovation are the overarching themes that reflect the range of work being carried out. For example, intelligence may be needed about numbers and skills within different workforce groups; evidence of education needs can be sought in order to help direct the best use of training resources and new ways of working can be identified and tested to improve care delivery. The intelligence needed from each can be accessed using a range of research methods.

Led by Professor Daniel Kelly an Academy for Workforce Research was established in 2011 to develop an evidence base in workforce research. This encourages collaboration with a number of other Schools at Cardiff University including Cardiff Business School, Health Care Studies, Pharmacy, Post-Graduate Medicine, Mathematics, Geography.  The initial focus of the Workforce Academy is to explore the workforce implications of service innovation.

Innovation in health care should be needs-driven, evidence-based and outcome-focused in order to meet the needs of patients and families. In order to achieve this goal projects undertaken in this theme are practice-based and are intended to have impact at the level of service delivery.

Other current areas of activity include patient safety, protection of vulnerable older people, reviewing the evidence for the development of innovations and collaborating on projects to understand the culture of care settings.   

Theme Leader:

Professor Daniel Kelly