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Implementation Evaluation of the NPSA’s Being Open Policy and Training

Researchers: Annette Lankshear, Karin Lowson (University of York)

The Being Open policy advises healthcare staff to apologise to patients, their families or carers if a mistake or error is made that leads to moderate or severe harm or death, explain clearly what went wrong and what will be done to stop the problem happening again. The safer practice notice advised NHS organisations to:

  • Develop a local policy based on the NPSA’s Being open policy by June 2006. Organisations with policies already in place should review them in line with Being open.
  • Promote the policy among staff and provide them with information, support and training to put Being open into practice.

Training tools and resources to help staff put policies into practice have been made available and include one day video and forum theatre-based training session for healthcare staff and the Being open E-learning toolkit. This study seeks to evaluate how the resources have been implemented and how staff have viewed them.