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Mental health services in transition: examining community crisis resolution and home treatment (CRHT) care

Researchers: Ben Hannigan, Davina Allen

Interagency and interprofessional crisis resolution and home treatment (CRHT) teams are a priority for mental health services development. Teams provide intensive round-the-clock interventions to prevent admission to psychiatric hospital and studies have found that they are successful in this aim. However, little is known about the functioning of teams of this type or their degree of integration with other services.

This project is examining the work of an exemplar CRHT team, its impact on overall mental health services and the experience of people with mental health problems passing to and from the team’s care. Interviews, observations and documentary analysis are being used to generate data advancing knowledge of the establishment, functioning and wider integration of crisis services. Up to six service users and their carers will be the starting point for a series of in-depth, retrospective, case studies. Each user’s service use and network of care as this unfolded during their previous period of crisis, and immediately thereafter, will be explored.

The study will provide a detailed understanding of the provision of crisis services set in a whole system context. Findings and recommendations will have value for the future organisation and delivery of mental health care. This project also links to the Mental Health Practice Focus.


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