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Current Studies

2012-, Elwyn, G. and Marrin, K. Testing the Efficacy of an Osteoarthritis of the Knee Option Grid in Facilitating Shared Decision Making between Patients and Practitioners in a Specialist Orthopeadic service in Oldham. Bupa Foundation, £283,000.

2011-2014, Kitchener, M. (PI), J. Gray, J. Waring, and Herepath, A. Hospital Patient Safety: A Realist Analysis. National Institute for Health Research Service, Delivery and Organisation (SDO) £322,829.

2011-2014, Allen, D. (PI). Connecting for Health: Dependency relationships and coordinating mechanisms at departmental and organisational interfaces. The Health Foundation: Improvement Science Fellowship, £298,673

2011-2014, Harper, P. (PI). Scheduling of Operating Theatres. Cardiff and Vale Trust (PhD funding), £63,000.

2011-2013, Flood, P. (PI), McDermott, A. and McKee, L. From Policy to Practice: An international Comparison of Approaches to Systemic Quality and Safety. Health Research Board (Ireland), €168,000.

2011-2012, Harper, P. (PI). Maximising the use of Existing Administrative Data Sets for Wales through Computer Simulation Modelling and Simulation. Welsh Government Fellowship, £66,525.

2011-2012, Kelly, D and Jones, A.  Whistle-blowing in Relation to Older Person’s Care in Wales: A Stakeholder Analysis. The Older People’s Commissioner, Wales, £30,000.

2011-2012, Jones A, Fallon M, Saayman A, and Carson-Stevens A. An evaluation of the “Junior Doctors Leading Change” Programme. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, £6,900.

2011-2014, Jones A. (PI) A Realist Evaluation of Patient Involvement in a Safer Surgery Initiative. National Institute for Social Care & Health Research Wales PhD studentship (D. Roche), £59,960.

2011-2014, Salek, S. (PI). Assessing performance and reimbursement decision-making of the health technology assessment agencies and its impact on patient access to medicines.  CIRS, Thomson Reuiter, £60,000.

2010-2013, Salek, S. (PI). Development and application of a health-related quality of instrument for assessing patient-reported outcomes in hyperhydrosis. Reimser Arzneimittel AG, £72,000.

2010-2012, O'Mahony, M.S. (MEDIC, Cardiff) (PI), Tadd, W. (SOCSI, Cardiff) (CoI). NIHR-Policy Research Programme. Organisational culture in the NHS: A feasibility study to measure the impact on older people. £234,667.

2010-2012, Elwyn, G. and R Thomson. Making Good decisions in Collaboration (MAGIC). The Health Foundation.

2010-2014, Palmer, S., Mayor, S., Harper, P. Lankshear, A., Vincent, C., Gray, J., Aylward, M. Measuring Harm and Informing Quality Improvement Longitudinally in the Welsh NHS. National Institute for Health Research Service, £729,706

2010-2013, Palmer, S. (PI), Allen, D. Kitchener, M., Lankshear, A. Mayor, S. Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality Registered Research Group. Welsh Assembly Government, £329,082.

2010-2012, Harper P. (PI). MetSim: A Hospital Support System Linking Weather and Health. EPSRC, £344,269.

2009-2012, Tadd, W. (SOCSI, Cardiff) (PI), Woods, R. (Bangor) (CoI), Bayer, A. (MEDIC, Cardiff), (CoI). NIHR-Policy Research Programme (Abuse, Neglect and Dignity) Promoting Excellence in All Care Homes. (PEACH) £485, 551.

2009-2011, A. Lankshear and K. Lowson.  Evaluation of the Health Foundation's Safer Patient Network, The Health Foundation, £265,265.

2008-2012, Tadd, W. (SOCSI, Cardiff) (PI) Calnan, M. (Kent) (CoI) Bayer, A. (MEDIC, Cardiff), NIHR-SDO Dignity in Practice: An exploration of the care of older adults in acute NHS trusts. £449,882. 

Davies, R, Radnor, Z.J. (PI from September 2009), Cooke, M, and Davies, N. Strategic Lean Improvement Methodology (SLIM) for the Health Sector, IMRC/EPSRC application to Warwick Manufacturing Group, £530,000.